Semiotic and Design

Semiotic is the study of signs. However, it has a deeper meaning than what people normally think of signs. Indeed signs in a much broader context that includes anything capable of standing for or representing a separate meaning. Semiotic is important for designers as it allows them to understand the relationships between signs, what they stand for, and the people who must interpret them.


How we understand the world


How we imagine the world

Icon, index, symbol

Modality signicals

The game of Communication

Functions of Language, Dialogue Field, Narration



  • Prof. Salvatore Zingal

    Salvatore Zingale was born in Sicily in 1955, who is from the school of design of Politecnico di Milano, where he teaches Semiotics of Design. He is also the scientific Manager of Humanities Design Lab ( His research interests are in the fields of semiotics of design, design concerning and considering as a semiotic process in dialogic aspects of design and design concerning studies in invention processes.

  • Felipe Domingues

    Felipe Domingues was born in Brazil. He is a researcher and PhD student at the Department of Design of politecnico di Milano. He has got a bachelor’s degree in communication in 1999 and two master degree, one in design and the other in managments. He has been lecturer and workshop instructor for the advanced design section of whirlpool Berazil. He is also an award winer for creative advertising. His research interests are global products, semiotics and advanced design.

  • Dr. Alireza Ajdari

    Alireza Ajdari is an assistant professor of Industrial Design at University of Tehran, Department of Industrial Design. He was born in Mashhad, Iran in 1976 and has got his bachelor and master degree in Industrial Design from University of Tehran. He has obtained his PhD in Industrial Design from Politecnico di Milano. The title of his thesis was “An experimental Study on Cultural Affordances”. His research interests are about Comparative Studies on Natural Sciences and Humanities, Psychophysics and Psychosemantics and Design Criticism regarding Middle Eastern Iranian Cultural Taste.

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Semiotics and Design

Objects and Artifacts.

Semiosis and Semiotic


How we understand the world


How we imagine the world


Modality signals

Icon, index, symbol

Signification and sensing from objects to objects

Denotation Connotation, Evocation

The game of Communication

Functions of Language

The game of Communication

Dialogue Field

The game of Communication


Design as Choice and as Narration



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Practicing the role of semiotics in generating novel ideas


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Cooperating with International Professors and students

Publishing work

Publishing final work in the website


Enjoying the high quality facilities of KIC.

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