The workshop is based on more recent domains of design and design research, i.e. strategic thinking and scenario development, followed by experimental approaches in product and service design. There will be theoretical and methodological sessions on systems thinking and service design as well as practical workshops on systematic and narrative scenario building and experimental product or service design. Outcomes will be future tourism scenarios for Kish Island. Special emphasis lies on innovative and environmentally and socially sustainable solutions for Kish Island in the middle and longer-term (2030) perspective. We will offer 3 different design approaches that should converge in the final outcomes:

  • Systems thinking and scenario building (Professor Jonas)
  • Material form-giving experiments (Professor Kretzer)
  • Service design concepts (Mehdi Mozuni)

The workshop aims at providing a basic understanding of systems thinking and scenario building in design projects. Narrative scenarios are “populated” by material artefacts and illustrated by means of services and use-cases. Professor Jonas: A set of descriptive variables will be collected, interrelated and analysed by means of “Sensitivity Modelling”. Projections are performed in order to explore and describe uncertain future contexts by means of the “Quattro Stagioni” scenario approach. In a final synthesizing phase possible preferable future states will be conceived and briefly illustrated. Professor Kretzer: A form-generating experiments with various materials, tools and techniques. Material outcomes can serve as abstract models or metaphorical materializations of the scenarios will be performed. They can function as concrete spatial elements or form inspirations on the landscape- or architectural level or on the interior and product design level. Mehdi Mozuni: Based on insights gained from Prof. Jonas’ theoretical sessions and Prof. Kretzer´s artefacts, service design concepts, rough business models and use-cases will be developed in practice, serving as the integrating media for combining the (abstract) scenarios and the (concrete) materializations into consistent images.

Service design and the challenge of researching the future

Projecting service models derived from an analytical level is a complicated but established process in service design, accomplished by well-trained design practitioners. However, Strategic service-innovation and policy-making in multi-disciplinary organizations (e.g. in civil services or large-scale manufactures) will face methodological obstacles, when the time scale in which the design is introduced, addresses users or other design components that are not present yet. In this case, the analytical core, upon which the projection is established, suffers itself from ambiguity. This design issue has been extensively researched in the recent years at HBK University in Germany, focusing on developing theories and design-procedures (such as scenario innovation, GMA, Delphi) by interacting the domain of service design with the domain of foresight research. During the joint international workshop “Tourism Futures for Kish Island” we will practice these methods. The workshop is based on most recent domain of design practice in materializing PESTE prognoses and generating scenarios for developing sustainable future systems/services on a strategic level.


Workshop Leaders

  • Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Jonas

    Professor at Braunschweig University of Arts. Prof. Jonas has an engineering background in ship design, habilitated in field of design theory and has been working theoretically and practically for more than 20 years in design research, development and teaching. Main areas of his work at HBK are the clarification and formulation of the concept of a genuinely designerical way of producing knowledge alongside the natural and human science (research through design).

  • Dr. Manuel Kretzer

    Manuel kretzer is currently visiting professor at Braunschweig University of art, leading and teaching the subject Digital Crafting as part of the newly founded course Design in Digital Society. His research aims at the notion of a soft and dynamic architecture with specific focus on new smart materials performance. He is the initiator of the materiability research network, a free educational community platform that attempts to connect architects, designers and artists and provides access to cutting edge new material developments.

  • Mehdi Mozuni

    Mehdi Mozuni is UX & Service Design Researcher at ITD He is also a Research assistant in service design. His latest case study is creating new business and service concepts for maritime platforms: Starting from cruise and houseboat industries, he tries to understand the relation between the "vessel architecture" and the "business architecture" in respective services. His aim is to evaluate the potentials of maritime industry, conceptualizing and analyzing new User Experience possibilities based on new ship-types in a horizon up to 2030.

Benefits of participating in this event


Learning theory from sophisticated Professors.


Practicing the role of semiotics in generating novel ideas


Receiving double degree certificate


Cooperating with International Professors and students

Publishing work

Publishing final work in the website


Enjoying the high quality facilities of KIC.

Ocean Water Park
Damoon Shopping Center
Mita Kish

Registration for Workshop 2018

In order To begin the registration process

  • Process of Payment For resident participants will be done after reserve and then confirmation by Department of Industrial design of Kish International Campus, Payment must be received in advance to secure your place in the workshop. Registration is only completed when payment is received.
  • Payment should be done through account No 105825900. Tejart bank in the name of university of Tehran
  • Process of Payment For international participants will be done by Workshop Manager through international relation of Department of design.

Workshop registration fee:

For international participants the fee is 300 $ US, and for resident participants the fee is 11,000,000 Rials. Fee include following services in workshop :

  • Participating in the workshop
  • Double degree certificate
  • Accommodation on the beautiful kish island during course.
  • Access to campus facilities such as library, restaurant, coffee shop and wifi internet
  • Access to modeling workshop
  • Entertainment schedule during the workshop such as sunset sightseeing, walking around the island leisure meeting

EXTRA Two-day Entertainment Package:

  • Cycling tour with breakfast
  • "Ocean" waterpark
  • Island trip
  • lunch & snacks during workshop.
  • Two-night staying in the island

Expected results

The workshop aims at enriching the understanding of participants on service-design ability to support the members of stakeholder-network in generating innovative strategies. The cooperation between workshop facilitators and island‘s stakeholder-network will serve following goals:

  • Identifying Island’s future challenges
  • Determining applicable (mega) trends and prognoses
  • Spotting (Service)-Design intervention possibilities
  • Evaluating concepts and scenarios